Greater Sacramento is the capital of California, the world’s fifth largest economy. It is located 88 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area. The two areas share an economy and workforce. Greater Sacramento is the ideal entry point for international companies to access West Coast markets while keeping costs low.

Globalizing Greater Sacramento: 2024 德国 market visit

In February 2024, GSEC led a delegation of 20 regional leaders on a weeklong market visit to 德国. We attended 24 meetings in five days across five 德国 cities, including meetings with global leadership at some of 德国’s largest companies. We also toured Aachen University and their zero-emission vehicle center – a model for the 萨克州立大学ZEV中心. We made groundbreaking connections and incredible headway on key initiatives.

Top international employers in the region


2,500 区域员工

Leverkusen, 德国*

250 区域员工


120 区域员工


196 区域员工


112 区域员工


110 区域员工

Icheon-si, South Korea*

1,900 区域员工


174 区域员工



79 区域员工


663 区域员工


159 区域员工


Regional employee count TBD

Sources: Business Journal Book of Lists, LinkedIn & DB胡佛

* Subsidiary’s global headquarters is based in Greater Sacramento

International connections and resources

consulates within 100 miles

foreign-owned companies

ethnic and trade organizations within 100 miles

jobs supported by foreign-owned companies

Top countries for foreign direct investment (FDI)

Top 5 countries for FDI by jobs supported

  1. 联合王国
  2. 日本
  3. 德国
  4. 法国
  5. 荷兰

Top 5 countries for FDI by number of foreign-owned companies

  1. 联合王国
  2. 日本
  3. 法国
  4. 加拿大
  5. 荷兰

Recent announcements

Greater Sacramento is gaining momentum as a destination for international investment. One-third of the companies Greater Sacramento Economic Council brings to the region and 40% of those in the team’s pipeline are foreign-owned. Between 2021 and early 2023, GSEC brought 11 foreign-owned companies to the region, creating more than 2,900个工作岗位.

wdt_ID 公司 Parent company headquarters 地区工作
1 Solidigm Icheon-si, South Korea 1,900
2 HCL科技公司 诺伊达,印度 663
3 日本久保田公司拖拉机 日本大阪 125
4 先令机器人 联合王国 100
5 TurtleTree实验室 新加坡 40
6 Shalby有限 艾哈迈达巴德,印度 25
7 机器人先生 意大利摩德纳 15
8 QPQ 爱尔兰 15
19 博世 Gerlingen、德国 TBD

The best place to live and work on the West Coast

Greater Sacramento is the #1 place to live in California (Forbes). It has one of the lowest cost of living among large cities in California and on the West Coast.

Source: C2ER 2022 Annual Average

Business expansion and relocation assistance

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) is the region’s leading economic development organization. Our team helps companies navigate and identify solutions to meet their goals. 与区域, state and national connections, GSEC ensures companies have a customized and seamless entry into the Greater Sacramento region. Our services include:

  • Site selection assistance
  • State and local incentive identification
  • Custom research and analytics
  • 人才 attraction and development
  • Diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Connectivity to consulates and service providers
  • Experience working with international investors



of population is foreign-born

of population speaks a foreign language

Source: 2021 ACS 1-Yr Estimate Data Profile, DP02 table


An international airport, Amtrak train network, major north-south and east-west freeways and regional public transportation offer great connectivity between Greater Sacramento and major markets in the U.S. and around the world. The downtown area also offers shipping access from its deep-water port: the Port of West Sacramento, which is a Foreign Trade Zone.

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport is the #1 midsize airport in the U.S. (Wall Street Journal). The airport is a 10 minute drive from downtown Sacramento. It offers daily nonstop flights to 加拿大 (Toronto and Vancouver), Mexico (Guadalajara and Cabo San Lucas) and major hubs across the United States.


Cities and counties within the Greater Sacramento region are connected to cities across the world. See the cities that our communities have Sister City relationships in the map below.